Years of activity: 50
Head office: Chieri (Torino) Italy
Products: Wide-width curtains & decorative fabrics
Technology: Jacquard e Rati`re
Raw materials: Natural and synthetic fibres
Markets: Domestic and 60 countries all over the world


Casalegno Tendaggi was born sixty years ago in Chieri, the historic land of weavers. Due to the passion of those who work there and to its consolidated professional culture, the company has grown over time to become a point of reference in the supply of decorative wide-width curtains and upholstery fabrics.
Emblematic of made in Italy and highly esteemed by specialized buyers, the company distinguishes itself by its attention to quality, innovation and service.
And for a special dedication to style and design.


It is from these three values that the Casalegno Tendaggi developed sixty years ago in Chieri (Torino), one of the historical hearts of the textile industry in Northern Italy. A leader in the production and supply of wide-width curtains and upholstery fabrics, the company presently exports products of the highest quality in terms of both workmanship and materials to more than sixty countries around the world. This is coupled with a professional and innovative level of service which meets and often anticipates the requests of its BtoB clientele which is increasingly more diversified and demanding.
The company’s principal market is that of international distributors who select fabrics produced by Casalegno for curtains, upholstery and bedding which is then cut, packaged and personalized and finally sold to the consumer market.

It is clear that in this type of business where the product offering consists of uncompleted rather than finished products, what makes the difference are above all the style, the idea, the project.
In one word: the design, which represents the spirit of every new Casalegno collection. For the company, the term “design” has both a broad and concrete significance.
Broad because it affects the entire creative and production process of the fabric, from the drawing to the colour to the “hand-made” interweave (in practice, the tactile sensation that the fabric produces when it is touched).

Concrete because, unlike other sectors, here design isn’t an added element or an aesthetic requirement, but rather a part of the product’s inherent value which has a significant impact on the purchasing decision.

Behind the design of Casalegno Tendaggi therefore is a world consisting of tradition, technical innovation and technology, competence and conscientiousness.
But there is also the ability to accurately interpret the most prized values of made in Italy and respond both quickly and with great flexibility to the requests of an increasingly dynamic market. Flexibility, in particular, is one of the strong points of the company, whose attitude can be described as “sartorial - industrial”: the speed and the efficiency which characterize the industry marry themselves to the workmanship and the manual nature of the sewn, custom-made product, favouring small quantities over mass production, refinement over cheapness, originality over homogeneity, with a “glocal” eye, looking out to the signs coming from various international markets.


Un design che crea ambienti e atmosfere.
A design which creates environments and atmospheres.
In a world increasingly interconnected and multi-faceted (and in which fabrics continuously become more important in the choices of furnishings and décor), trends and styles multiply themselves and blend constantly: the desire for cocooning and fabrics which convey comfort and protection go hand in hand with the most high-tech innovation; Jacquard patterns and drawings have the same appeal as the coolest minimalism and solid colours; natural fibres (from linen to cottons and silk, offered in a truly broad chromatic palette) are appreciated in the same way as the synthetic fibres borrowed from athletic wear and preferred for their shine and lightness.

To tap into such multifaceted and diverse tastes - and to respond with successful commercial offerings - Casalegno Tendaggi places its trust in a team of professionals: its own in-house, as well as outside designers, coordinated by the company’s Art Director, CAD designers and fabric “builders”, market consultants and trend setters.

A real “style task force”, capable of transforming raw material into products that are made available on the international marketplace.

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